Brad Ingraham provides care in Uganda

Mile Bluff is known for having medical experts who care for you close to home. Brad Ingraham, PA-C recently expanded his ‘service area’ by traveling to Uganda on a medical mission trip.

Working with Operation Renewed Hope, Brad joined a diverse team of 41 volunteers to provide healthcare services to people in Uganda. “We held four very busy clinic days,” recalled Brad. “The first two days were in very rural village areas of western Uganda; and the last two were in southern Uganda on the Tanzania border.”

“We helped treat many different illnesses and conditions,” explained Brad. “We gave away hundreds of eyeglasses, provided fluoride applications for children, pulled teeth, treated many infections, performed minor surgical procedures, and addressed various women’s health issues. When needed, we also made arrangements for transportation, and gave direction for more extensive care at regional hospitals.”

Mile Bluff’s staff commends Brad for his dedication to serving others, whether it’s at Elroy Family Medical Center where you can usually find him, or halfway across the world!