Signia Telecare 3.0 coming to Mile Bluff

Bringing you personalized hearing care...anywhere!

With a new Signia hearing aid from Mile Bluff, you'll be able to experience even more than great service and the best in hearing aid technology. You will also have the opportunity to gain direct access to Mile Bluff's audiology team with Telecare 3.0. This revolutionary remote hearing aid care is made available through myHearing™ App.

The Signia myHearing App provides you with all the support tools you need to help you get the most out of your hearing device. Enjoy easy access to frequently asked questions and a user guide so you can address any issues with your hearing care professional without delay.

Your time is valuable. With the app, you will no longer have to leave the house to receive guided assistance, individualized progress monitoring, and personal communication with your audiology team. Have a question about your hearing aid? Need advice on how to adjust your device? Simply contact Mile Bluff's hearing care professionals through the app to request a time to connect. The communication during your 'appointments' can then be done via text, voice or video chat.

In addition, the app also serves as a remote control for your hearing aids so you can change programs, adjust volume, bass and treble, and change the directionality of the microphone. Telecare 3.0 allows Mile Bluff to take hearing aid support to the next level, creating a new gold standard of care that connects with you, wherever you are.

The myHearing App is available as a free download for both iOS and Android devices via the App Store® or Google Play™. The app works for all Android smartphones (Android 4.4 and newer) and iPhones (iOS version 8 and newer). Mile Bluff's audiology team members can help you download and install the app at their office so it is ready for use.

For information and appointments, call Mile Bluff’s hearing care experts at 608-847-1414 today. Audiology services are available in Mauston, New Lisbon, Lake Delton and Friendship.