Dr. David Hoffmann named 2018 Rural Health Ambassador

On Wednesday, May 9, Dr. David Hoffmann was presented with the Rural Health Ambassador Award. To recognize the achievement, a reception was held in his honor. His wife and colleagues attended the event to show their support and appreciation for all that Dr. David has done to better Mile Bluff and the community.

Mile Bluff President and CEO, James O’Keefe, presented the award to Dr. David, who was nominated by Dr. Ryan Plamann. “This year’s recipient fully embodies what it means to be a rural health ambassador,” commented O’Keefe. “Doctor David has done a great job over the years promoting rural healthcare, not only in our community, but around the state.”

Doctor David and his wife, Dr. Ann Hoffmann, began their careers in the United States Navy. Their first real exposure to rural healthcare came when they served two years in Guam - the closest hospital at the time was over seven hours away by jet. This helped them appreciate the importance of teamwork when delivering healthcare in a rural area.

When the Hoffmanns returned to the states, they decided to settle down and plant some roots. They wanted to live in a four-season climate that allowed them to provide healthcare in a rural setting; so they began looking for jobs in the Midwest. That search led them to Mauston, where they have been on the Mile Bluff team for 28 years.

Doctor David noted that he and his wife could have chosen to go any place in the country, but they are in Mauston because they love it. “We have a great team at Mile Bluff, and we really enjoy living in a rural setting where you oftentimes see your patients out and about in the community,” commented Dr. David. “We also appreciate all the recreational opportunities that are available to our family in this area.”

Along with being a healthcare provider at Mile Bluff, Dr. David keeps busy with many other roles outside of the organization. Some of those roles include being an aviation examiner, commissioner at the Mauston/New Lisbon Union Airport, Boy Scout camp physician, and representative for the Wisconsin Medical Society. That is just a small list of the organizations he has been a part of and made an impact with.

The Rural Health Ambassador Award was established in 2004 to recognize healthcare employees at Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative hospitals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in promoting their respective organizations, while making significant contributions to rural health. Each recipient demonstrates a history of fostering positive communication and relations within the hospital’s respective service area by: serving on community boards/service organizations, taking advantage of volunteer or public speaking opportunities, and supporting community health activities beyond the scope of the hospital.