Alliant Energy Foundation awards grant to enhance area emergency care

This fall, the Alliant Energy Foundation awarded Mile Bluff Medical Center a $1,000 grant to help purchase three 3G Modems that would enhance the communication between the medical center and area emergency medical response crews. Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation provided the additional funding needed to purchase the modems and install them in Mauston Area Ambulances.

Using these modems, paramedics and EMTs can send a patient’s cardiac rhythm to Mile Bluff’s emergency room physicians and staff in real time. This allows the ER team to prepare a care plan prior to the patient’s arrival at the medical center. It also assists the physician in helping the paramedic “in the field” with critical events.

“In this day and age, a 12-lead EKG (electrocardiogram) transmission is recognized as the gold standard for pre-hospital care,” said Mike Petersen, Operations Supervisor and Paramedic. “Prior to these modems being installed, our personnel relied solely on their training and the capabilities of the monitor to interpret vital patient information and cardiac rhythms.”

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in Juneau County and cardiac events are a leading cause for emergency room visits. During a cardiac event, seconds count. The faster the ER team gets an EKG, the faster treatment starts and the better a patient’s chances are. These modems will impact lives and serve the community for years to come.

Mile Bluff Medical Center would like to thank the Alliant Energy Foundation for supporting the health of the community.