General surgeon joins Mile Bluff team

Mile Bluff Medical Center is pleased to welcome a new member to the medical staff, Brian Schultz, DO.

Doctor Schultz is joining the Mile Bluff team as a general surgeon. Beginning his surgical career with the US Army, Dr. Schultz served two tours in Afghanistan before settling in the Rhinelander area for nine years. Ready to start life’s next chapter, Dr. Schultz is eager to settle in at Mile Bluff. “I like the small-town and private atmosphere that Mile Bluff has, and I think joining this team is a good match for me,” said Dr. Schultz.

Doctor Schultz was introduced to surgery at an early age. “I had an uncle who was a physician assistant for an orthopedic surgeon,” recalled Dr. Schultz. “I was able to get an early look into the operating room, and my experience with surgery grew from there. I like the challenge of general surgery, and I enjoy interacting with people in and around the operating room.”
General surgeons are highly trained to diagnose, treat, and manage a wide variety of surgical conditions. Doctor Schultz, will treat problems found in internal organs and the vascular system, as well as in soft tissues.

“The biggest thing I can bring patients at Mile Bluff is my experience, and my comfort in providing care for a wide range of services and specialty procedures that may not always be available in rural settings,” said Dr. Schultz. “I enjoy laparoscopic surgery as well as helping patients who need cancer treatments or have venous issues.”

In addition to the challenge provided in the operating room, Dr. Schultz likes to help patients feel well. “I enjoy seeing patients change and feel better, especially those who have chronic or acute issues,” said Dr. Schultz. “Patients come to me in distress and I am able to help them feel much better. That’s very important to me.”

As Dr. Schultz works to help patients feel well again, he tries to make patients feel a part of the healthcare team. “I think you need to include patients in the decision-making process,” explained Dr. Schultz. “The initial visit to a surgeon or specialist can be intimidating, especially if it isn’t under ideal circumstances. I think patients who feel engaged and have a part in their healthcare do much better.”
Doctor Schultz continued, “Patients are putting their trust in me. As a surgeon, I provide a high level of care to my patients, and I want to make sure I am accessible to them when they need me.”

As he joins the Mile Bluff team, Dr. Schultz is excited to have a team of experts to work alongside. “I think the continuum of care that Mile Bluff provides is very important, especially for patients in a rural area,” explained Dr. Schultz. “Patients like to receive care in an area where they feel comfortable. I think being able to provide that continuum of care through the Mile Bluff team and visiting specialists, helps patients stay in their comfort zone. As long as Mile Bluff maintains this, we will continue to provide care for these local patients successfully.”

When he isn’t in the operating room, Dr. Schultz is hunting and fishing on his property in Hillsboro, as well as spending time with his family. Doctor Schultz enjoys the Driftless Region of the state and is looking forward to spending more time there.

The staff at Mile Bluff is pleased to welcome Dr. Brian Schultz to the healthcare team!