Jodi Needham: Proud to be part of the Mile Bluff team

Jodi Needham has been a member of the Mile Bluff Rehabilitation Services team for over three years. Working as a certified occupational therapy assistant (OTA), Jodi provides care to patients primarily in Fair View Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

Jodi helps patients progress back to independent living following a prolonged illness, joint replacement or injury. Using occupational therapy techniques, Jodi coaches patients as they relearn activities for daily living (getting dressed, using utensils, getting around the house, etc.), and also provides home safety assessments.

Jodi strives to see her patients succeed. Their success is one of the best elements of her job. “It is so rewarding to see a patient who had been struggling, achieve his or her goals,” said Jodi. “Being able to see the joy in their eyes, and the appreciation for the help we’ve given them, is great!”

Since joining the Mile Bluff team, Jodi has never looked back. “After my initial interview, I knew that Mile Bluff was going to be a good fit for me,” recalled Jodi. “Marlene [Director of Rehabilitation Services] and the rehab team were very warm and welcoming. Ever since then, I’ve absolutely loved working here.”

“I feel very valued as an employee,” commented Jodi on why she’s stayed at Mile Bluff. “I appreciate that my input matters, and that my director notices the ‘little extra things’ I do in my job.”

Jodi truly enjoys coming to work every day. “I tell my husband that working here doesn’t feel like work. I am blessed to get paid to do what I love.”

The sense of pride Jodi feels in her rehab team extends to the entire Mile Bluff organization. “Every department here works together,” said Jodi. “In other places I have worked, I haven’t seen that; there has been more of a division. The sense of teamwork and pride that people take in their jobs at Mile Bluff really is top-notch.”

Having enjoyed her role at Mile Bluff so much, Jodi has also recruited several new employees. “I think at their previous place of employment, they were just doing their job and not being told what kind of difference they were making in patients’ lives,” explained Jodi. “Here, they get to see their impact and they feel appreciated.”

Jodi is just one of the many individuals who is proud to be an employee at Mile Bluff Medical Center. If you are looking for a great place to work, check out the job openings below. Find the most up-to-date listing in our career center.