Dr. Bryan Myers welcomed to Mile Bluff Team

staffMile Bluff is pleased to increase the care availability at Delton Family Medical Center with the addition of Dr. Bryan Myers.

Doctor Myers is now providing full-spectrum family medicine services, and he joins Mile Bluff after working 11 years in southwestern Wisconsin. "Family medicine provides me with the opportunity to have variety in my scope of practice, and I enjoy that challenge," says Dr. Myers. "Family medicine providers are able to care for the vast majority of medical issues that people have. The ability to put all that care together is really exciting for me."

This desire to care for others began early for Dr. Myers. "I decided to become a physician at a very young age. As I went through medical training, I realized that caring for patients was really my passion," he recalls. "More importantly, I really enjoy getting to know families and patients. Building relationships with them not only helps me treat patients for what is going on today, but also helps me to know what happened in their past and what their health expectations are for the future. This allows me to put together a treatment plan to keep my patients healthy."

In addition to getting to know his patients, Dr. Myers works with patients as part of the healthcare team. "As a doctor I have some expertise, but I don't know people's lives and what their preferences are," he explains. "It is my job to give them the information they need, but ultimately it's a team effort between the patient and I when it comes to deciding what the best course of treatment is. By working together we can find something that is not only medically-important, but is something of interest to the patient."

Throughout his career, Dr. Myers has taken pride in making himself available to his patients as soon as they need treatment, and his desire is to continue that at Delton Family Medical Center. "I try to go out of my way to make sure that I'm available whenever my patients need to be seen," says Dr. Myers. "Life is busy for patients, as well as providers, and that's difficult as a patient when you have to plan your appointments months in advance, especially when you need to be seen today. I think the best care a patient can receive is from their own doctor. By working a little harder, and seeing patients when they want to be seen, I can provide a great service."

When it has been difficult to leave his patients at his previous practice, Dr. Myers is looking forward to joining the Mile Bluff team in Lake Delton. "I've been very interested in coming to Mile Bluff, specifically Delton Family Medical Center, for several years," he says. "I'm was born and raised in Wisconsin, and with my family in the area, I have a strong desire to continue to provide care in rural Wisconsin. More importantly, I like the setting of the Delton facility, where patient get to know their providers closely."

In his spare time, Dr Myers enjoys being with his wife and three young children. As a family, they enjoy spending time outdoors. Along with his wife, Dr. Myers has also established a mission program in Jamaica to provide sustainable agricultural projects in orphanages.

To make an appointment with Dr. Myers, call Mile Bluff - Delton Family Medical Center today, at 608-254-5888.