Dr. Paul Rudy joins Mile Bluff team!

Dr. Paul RudyBeginning in June, Mile Bluff will welcome Dr. Paul Rudy to the family medicine team.

Doctor Rudy joins Mile Bluff with 28 years of healthcare experience. He will be providing family medicine and maternity care services at Mile Bluff Clinic and Elroy Family Medical Center, as well as emergency room coverage.

“Before coming to Mile Bluff, I had been in Geneseo, Illinois for 28 years. I worked in family medicine and delivered a lot of babies. Unfortunately, in Geneseo, they are closing their OB Department. So, for that reason I started looking for another job here in Wisconsin,” explains Dr. Rudy.

While he is new to providing care at the medical center, Dr. Rudy is no stranger to the Mauston and Elroy communities. “My sister actually lives in Elroy and I’m looking forward to being closer to her,” says Dr. Rudy. “When I was in college, I used to come up to the Elroy area during the summers, and I worked on a dairy farm for room and board. I’m familiar with the area and I’ve always enjoyed it.”

In addition to enjoying the country views, Dr. Rudy is looking forward to providing care to patients. “I chose to pursue family medicine because something different walks through your door every day,” explains Dr. Rudy. “The biggest reward for me is getting to know my patients. They appreciate me and what I do for them, and I really appreciate my patients. When I first started providing care in Geneseo, I delivered babies, and by the time I left I was delivering those babies’ babies. It was really great and fun to be there for a whole generation of people. I’m really looking forward to doing that here at Mile Bluff.”

Although he is the one providing healthcare services, Dr. Rudy feels that patients are an essential part of the healthcare team. “I think patients are the biggest part of the healthcare team because they need to make all of the decisions,” says Dr. Rudy. “I try my best to explain to patients what is going on, but ultimately it’s their decision; they’re running the show.”

As an avid triathlon participant, Dr. Rudy incorporates his personal dedication to healthy living into his philosophy of care. “I advocate to patients that they should incorporate exercise into their lives as I think it’s the perfect medication,” explains Dr. Rudy. “No matter what, exercise can make you feel better, whether it’s physically or mentally.”

As he settles into providing care at Mile Bluff, Dr. Rudy is looking forward to establishing relationships with his patients. “What I enjoy most about my job, is connecting with patients. I like seeing and getting to know the whole family when providing care. I find the most satisfaction from knowing that my patients are happy.”

In his spare time Dr. Rudy enjoys spending time with his family, and is also looking forward to taking advantage of the area countryside. “My wife is happy to have her horses at our new home, and I’ve always wanted to raise cattle myself. I’m really looking forward to enjoying all that this community has to offer.”

Please join Mile Bluff in welcoming Dr. Rudy to the healthcare team! For more information about the services he provides, or to find out about appointments, call Mile Bluff Clinic at 608-847-5000 or call the Elroy Family Medical Center at 608-462-8466.