Foundation funds purchase equipment for Fair View

Bladder control issues are a frequent concern for nursing home residents. To improve the comfort and health of Fair View Nursing & Rehabilitation Center residents, Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation purchased a new bladder scanner for the facility.

Prior to the purchase, Fair View nursing staff had to borrow a bladder scanner from the Acute Care Department to assess residents. There were a few times when patients in Acute Care needed the scanner, or the scanner was only available for a limited time, making it difficult to diagnose and treat nursing home residents promptly. An overextended bladder can be uncomfortable and can potentially lead to an infection. With a mission to provide patient-centered care, Fair View knew that an additional scanner was needed.

Terrilynn Strode, Director of Nursing at Fair View, knows that this new scanner has already improved the care provided at the facility. "Our response time to monitor and assess a resident's bladder is a lot quicker now, thanks to this machine," explains Terrilynn.

"Because this new scanner is meant specifically for the geriatric population, our nurses are able to locate a resident's bladder faster, identify if there is any urine in the bladder, then intervene more quickly."

When Fair View received new residents from the hospital, many of the individuals have had catheters removed just prior to admission. In these situations, the Fair View team finds that the residents' bladders are not always able to resume normal function, which can create a need to replace the catheter so the bladder empties.

"With the new scanner, we are now able to do an initial assessment of a resident's bladder upon admission," explains Terrilynn. "We are able to encourage and/or assist residents to the bathroom, monitor, and provide interventions to promote the bladder to function."

Over the years, Fair View has benefitted from Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation's mission to improve the health and wellness of the community. "The foundation has been wonderful for us," says Terrilynn. "The other equipment that we have received in the past has been so beneficial to our residents. This new bladder scanner has helped the staff at Fair View provide even better care. We are so lucky to have the foundation and all that it has provided to us."

It is through the generous donations of businesses and individuals, that the foundation is able to purchase this equipment. Not only will it improve the lives of residents at Fair View Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, the equipment will also further enhance the quality of care Mile Bluff is able to provide.

Watch Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation's Facebook page to learn more about additional new equipment as it arrives. If you want to impact the health of the community through the foundation, call 608-847-1495, or learn more here.