Hospitalist program comes to Mauston


Patients in Mile Bluff's acute care (hospital) setting, will now have the opportunity to be cared for by hospitalists, a team of healthcare providers specialized in inpatient care. Hospitalists work in partnership with primary care providers to meet the medical needs of patients while they are in the hospital. While oftentimes primary care providers in the clinic focus on prevention of illness, a hospitalist's focus is to provide treatment for a current illness.

Hospitalists provide leadership - while collaborating with nurses, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, a dietitians, and other support staff members - to determine the best course of treatment for patients.

Studies show that hospitalists can positively impact a patient's length of stay and can improve patient satisfaction. At Mil Bluff, the program is expected to enhance the high-quality care that is already provided to patients in the acute care setting.

Mile Bluff establishes this new program with the addition of two experienced providers, Drs. Kabir Ahmed and Ingrid Berg.

Kabir Ahmed, MD
Mile Bluff welcomes Dr. Kabir Ahmed to the medical team as he fills the role of hospitalist. As a provider, Dr. Ahmed is looking forward to partnering with primary care providers to treat patients in the hospital setting. "Hospitalist medicine has been around for many years," he explains. "As a hospitalist, I will focus only on the patients that are hospitalized, and will be making sure they are well taken care of."

As with all healthcare providers, Dr. Ahmed's mission is to help patients feel better. "As a provider, I listen to the needs of my patients and give my entire attention to their care," says Dr. Ahmed. "My focus will be on patients as individuals. They all have unique personalities and I'm looking forward to getting to know them."

While Mile Bluff has a 'small town hospital' feel that appeals to Dr. Ahmed, he is pleased that the medical center offers a wide variety of specialized services that help to keep care local.

"As a patient, continuity of care is very important," he says. "Staying in one healthcare system, like Mile Bluff, is the cornerstone of providing that continuity of care."

Coming from the suburbs of Chicago, Dr. Ahmed is looking forward to the quiet lifestyle that the Mauston area can provide.

Ingrid Berg, DO
As a provider who is well versed in caring for patients of all ages, Ingrid Berg, DO is eager to join the Mile Bluff team.

When she begins providing care in September, Dr. Berg will treat patients who require admission to the hospital. Along with Dr. Ahmed, Dr. Berg will also provide care to patients who come to the emergency room, are admitted to the hospital, and do not have a healthcare provider of their own.

Doctor Berg is looking forward to working with patients and their families at Mile Bluff. "Medicine is one of the many 'helping' professions," she explains. "What attracted me to this field is the opportunity to be present for patients and families during difficult times, to help translate the overwhelming language of illness, and to make sure that their encounters are filled with compassion.

"I simply enjoy people, and in medicine you work with people from all walks of life all day long. The work is so varied and interesting. I appreciate the intellectual challenge!"

While working as a full-spectrum healthcare provider in southwest Wisconsin, Dr. Berg was surprised at how much she enjoyed the hospital setting. "In medical school, I had envisioned more of a clinic-based career," she recalls. "As a hospitalist, I like being part of a hospital team, and it is very rewarding to see sick patients return home."

As she helps to establish the hospitalist program at Mile Bluff, Dr. Berg is eager to help patients understand her role at the medical center. "One of the benefits of having hospital-based providers is that we are not running back and forth from the clinic to the hospital to provide care," explains Dr. Berg. "It is easier to coordinate care and meet with families with a provider is 'in-house' all day."

"Another advantage of a hospitalist program is the benefit it has to primary care providers," continues Dr. Berg. "While working with a hospitalist, primary care providers have greater availability for their patients in the clinic setting. The providers don't have to 'close their clinic' to go see patients in the hospital. The goal of this division of labor is also to restore the work/life balance for all healthcare providers."

In addition to her partnership with primary care providers, Dr. Berg also sees patients as important members of the healthcare team. "I try to empower patients with information, so they can make decisions," explains Dr. Berg. "My philosophy of care is to work very hard on behalf of patients, and to seek out additional expertise when needed."

While Dr. Berg may be new to the Mile Bluff organization, she is already quite familiar with Mauston and the surrounding community. For the last 10 years, she and her family have been visiting the area. The group enjoys horseback riding and spending time outdoors, and they are looking forward to settling into Mauston.

Welcome Drs. Ahmed and Berg!