Dr. Marissa McNelly joins podiatry team!

Dr. Marissa McNellyMile Bluff Medical Center is happy to announce that the podiatry (foot care) team has expanded, with the addition of Marissa McNelly, DPM.

Doctor McNelly is joining Dr. Richard Langen and the Mile Bluff team, to provide podiatry care to the surrounding community. Following a three-year residency at a medical facility in Indiana, Mile Bluff is Dr. McNelly’s first opportunity to establish her own medical practice.

Doctor McNelly provides care to patients who have foot and ankle pain due to abnormal foot and ankle function, as well as foot trauma, surgical correction of painful deformities, skin conditions, wound management, and foot care for those with diabetes.

Eager to make a difference in the lives of patients, Dr. McNelly shares that one thing she enjoys most about podiatry is helping patients find relief with treatment. “Some patients come to me with pain so severe that they can no longer walk or carry out their daily activities. I appreciate having the opportunity to help patients improve and resume their normal daily activities,” says Dr. McNelly. “I also enjoy getting to know my patients and their families.

Doctor McNelly believes it is important to educate patients on their condition, and to treat each person as an individual by coming up with treatment plans that are tailored to their specific health needs. “I try to clearly explain to patients their diagnosis, treatment plan, and the risks and benefits of them,” explains Dr. McNelly.

Looking for a facility where she could provide exceptional foot and ankle care to a community, Dr. McNelly was drawn to Mauston. “Mile Bluff takes a team approach when working with patients, which I think is a great benefit for both patients and physicians,” says Dr. McNelly. “I am originally from a small community in Northeastern Wisconsin, and am happy to return to this wonderful state of to be part of the Mile Bluff organization.”

Doctor McNelly also appreciates the continuum of care provided throughout Mile Bluff. “Patients can come to Mile Bluff to receive physical therapy as a way to try to improve their foot and ankle pain. However, if physical therapy and conservative care fails and surgery is necessary, it can be done at Mile Bluff.” McNelly continues, “After surgery, we can rehabilitate our patients with our rehab staff on an outpatient or inpatient basis. Ultimately, whether needing surgery or not, we can keep podiatry care local.”

The Mile Bluff team is pleased to have Dr. Marissa McNelly join Dr. Richard Langen in providing podiatry care across the region. If you are interested in making an appointment with Dr. McNelly or are interested in learning more about the podiatry services available, call Mile Bluff Clinic at 608-847-5000.