COVID-19 UPDATE: Mile Bluff is monitoring the situation and is prepared to respond. Learn more.

How to Help

Supporting Mile Bluff during COVID-19 Response

Thank you for your gracious offers to donate items, resources, and time to help our community respond to COVID-19. We appreciate your generosity and sincere wishes to help. Here are some ideas as to how we can use your assistance.

Please check back to this site for the most up-to-date information as the situation is constantly evolving and we will update how you can help on a regular basis.


Once you and your loved ones are secure, please consider making a donation to the COVID-19 Relief Fund. A monetary gift gives the hospital the flexibility required to confront changing needs as the pandemic unfolds.

Monetary donations can be made online to Mile Bluff’s COVID-19 fund. Donations will be used to help us respond to emergency needs during this time. Please choose "COVID-19 Relief Fund" from the drop down menu. If you would like to have the funds be used for a particular purpose, please make a note in the “Comments” section. We will do our best to honor requests and will contact your about your designation.

Learn more about our COVID-19 Relief Fund and Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation.

NEW PPE (personal protective equipment) donations

We are looking for N95 masks, surgical masks, face shields, gowns, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer. For specific information about the items we are looking for and to arrange drop-off, please contact our Materials Management department at 608-847-6161.

Homemade Masks

We sincerely appreciate and admire your desire to help keep our staff protected. We are currently accepting donations of homemade face masks. There are many tutorials online, but here is a simple pattern that you can follow. We are accepting a variety of styles, but we ask that masks have at least two layers of cotton fabric.

Before bringing masks to our facility, we ask that masks be washed and stored in a Ziplock bag. Please contact the Materials Management department at 608-847-6161 to make arrangements for drop-off.

Send an eCard to a Nursing Home Resident

At this time, visits to long-term care and assisted living facilites have been restricted. If you have a loved one in the nursing home or just want to send words of encouragement, send an eCard at no cost. We will print your card and deliver it to the recipient at Fair View or Crest View nursing and rehabilitation centers.

Food & Refreshments

We are grateful for the interest shown by our community to support our staff during this challenging time. The continued health and readiness of our employees are critical to our ability to serve our communities.

Unfortunately, donated food coming from outside of Mile Bluff introduces risk to our staff. To protect our staff, we have the following guidelines regarding food.

  • We cannot accept homemade food or treats.
  • Prepackaged snacks or food can be brought to the hospital main entrance. All food must be in original manufacturer packaging. The food will be distributed internally.
  • If you are interested in buying meals for our staff from a local restaurant, please contact our Human Resources department at 608-847-6161 before ordering to make arrangements. Food must be delivered by the restaurant or picked up by our staff.
  • Donations can be made online to the Mile Bluff COVID-19 fund. Please make a note in the “Comment” section if you would like the donation to be used for food for our staff. We will do our best to honor these request, but please know we reserve the right to use donations in the area of greatest need.

While we are limiting food donations into our system, we recognize many in our community are struggling for food and resources during this time. We encourage you to consider donating food to local food banks and meal programs in the community.

Stay Home

One way we can all help each other is social distancing. This is an important strategy to limit the spread of COVID-19, which is highly contagious. This includes avoiding public places and face-to-face interactions. If you have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 but are not currently sick, please self-quarantine for 14 days. And if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, it is critical that you monitor your symptoms and self-isolate.