Diabetes Education
Mile Bluff Medical Center
1050 Division Street | Mauston, WI 53948 | 608-847-6161

Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education supports patients in assuming an active role in managing their diabetes.  Individual and group programs are available to teach self-care skills that promote optimal diabetes management. 
Mile Bluff's nationally-recognized program can be a benefit to those who have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, have had diabetes for a while, have poorly-controlled blood sugars, have had or need a change in medications, or who have had good control of their diabetes and want to keep it that way.  Topics covered by the education team include:
   -the disease process and treatment options
   -nutritional management
   -the importance of physical activity
   -the use of medications
   -monitoring of blood glucose and use of the results to improve control
   -prevention, detection and treatment of acute and chronic diabetes complications
   -goal setting to promote health and problem-solving for daily living
   -Preconception care, management during pregnancy and gestational diabetes management

Mile Bluff provides what is needed to start individuals on their way to living an active, productive and healthy life... with diabetes!  For more information about diabetes education program, call 608-847-1846.


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