Visiting Specialists
Mile Bluff Medical Center
1050 Division Street | Mauston, WI 53948 | 608-847-6161

Visiting Specialists

Mile Bluff partners with several medical facilities to bring additional services to patients.  Specialists from several medical fields visit Mile Bluff regularly.  Referrals are often needed for these services.  To learn more information about specific fields and healthcare providers, call the numbers listed below.  

Allergy -
 Call 800-489-6008

   UW Health
     Christopher Healy, MD
     Thomas Puchner, MD
Cardiology (heart) 
 Unity Point Health/Meriter Heart & Vascular Institute - Call 608-847-6161          
   Joseph Bellissimo, MD
   E. Wayne Grogan, MD
   Paul Hinderaker, MD
   Richard Lee, MD
   David Lewis, MD
   Mohammed Saghir, MD
   Thomas Wallhaus, MD

 UW Health - Call 608-847-7355
   Steven Ewer, MD
   Charles Stone, MD
   Mary Zasadil, MD

Gastroenterology (digestive system) -
 Call 608-847-7355
   UW Health
     Mansoor Shariff, MD
Hematology (blood disorders) -
 Call 608-847-7355

   UW Health
     Ryan Mattison, MD

Nephrology (kidney) -
 Call 800-782-8581 x75345

   Marshfield Clinic
     Wadad Ailabouni, MD
     Douglas Duffy, MD
     Ann Ruesch, RNNP

Neurology (nervous system) -
 Call 608-847-7355

   UW Health
     Brad Beinlich, MD
     Douglas Dulli, MD 

Oncology (cancer) -
 Call 608-847-7355

   UW Health
     Hamid Emamekhoo, MD
     Amy Stella, MD

Ophthalmology (eye disease & surgery) - 
 Call 608-847-7355
   UW Health
     Barbara Blodi, MD
     Yao Liu, MD
     Gary Sterken, MD

Optometry (eyes) -
Call 608-847-7355
   UW Health
     Richard Patterson, OD

Oral Surgery - 
 Call 608-356-2112
   Oral Surgery Center
Steven Anderson, DDS
     Erich Herbst, MD

Otolaryngology (ear, nose, throat) -

 Call 608-847-7355
   UW Health
     Seth Dailey, MD
     Swapna Eisinger, MD
     Ashley Fenske, NP
     Timothy McCulloch, MD
     Hannah Rottinghaus, PA-C
     Elizabeth A. Sisk, MD
     Annie Sugar, PA-C

Pain Management -
Call 608-847-7355
   UW Health
     James Leonard, DO, PT
     Nalini Sehgal, MD

Pediatric Gastroenterology - (Children's digestive system)
  Call 608-775-2599
    Gundersen Health System
       Victor Uko, MD, FAAP
Prosthesis (artificial limbs) -
 Call 888-591-2063
   Prosthetic Laboratories
     Robert Loper, CPO

Radiology (medical imaging) -
 Call 608-847-6161
   University of Wisconsin - Department of Radiology
     Zachary Borden, MD
     Edward Borman, MD
     Robert Bour, MD
     Lynn Broderick, MD
     Peter Chase, MD
     Carolyn Haerr, MD
     Newrhee Kim, MD
     Anthony Kuner, MD
     B. Keegan Markhardt, MD
     Venkata Meduri, MD
     Bora Ozel, MD
     Pamela Propeck, MD
     Tyler Prout, MD
     Conrad Pun, MD
     Charles Stepherson, DO
     Elizabeth Teigen, MD
     Francis Thornton, MD
     Michael Woods, MD

 Call 608-847-7355
   UW Health
     Abdul Halabi, MD

Urology (urinary tract & male reproductive system) -
 Call 608-847-7355
   UW Health
     Sean Hedican, MD
     Sarah McAchran, MD