Patient & Visitor Information
Mile Bluff Medical Center
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Patient & Visitor Information

General Information

If you are a patient or visitor looking for information, please visit General Information.

Patient Billing Information
The billing and collection process for healthcare services can be confusing.  If you have questions regarding your bill we have provided answers to frequently asked questions, here at Patient Billing Information.

Financial Aid
Patients who meeting financial requirements can receive help with their bill through discounts offered under the financial assistance programs at Mile Bluff.

Interpreter Services
We contract with a company to provide foreign language and American Sign Language interpreting services.  Several different languages available are available. If you are in need of interpreter services, please call 608-847-6161 and we can arrange for it to be available for your appointment.

Preparing for Your Stay
At Mile Bluff Medical Center, we wish to make your patient experience as pleasant as possible.  Please visit Preparing for Your Stay to learn more about what to expect during your hospital stay.

Preventative vs. Problem related care
An important part of actively maintaining your health is scheduling regular preventative care appointments.  These visits help to identify potential health problems in their early stages, when they may be easier and less costly to treat.  Commercial insurance carriers often provide full or partial benefits for preventative care exams; they do not, however, typically cover the total cost of problem-related visits.  To learn more about this, read Preventative vs. problem-related care - Understanding your medical bill

Request of Medical Records
If you would like to request the use or disclosure of your medical records, please click here to find the request form.  Mail the completed form to: 
    Mile Bluff Medical Center
    Attn: Health Information
    1050 Division Street
    Mauston, WI 53948