Gifts at Work

Fundraising for Medical Equipment in Juneau County

In addition to having small, unique fundraising events, Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation holds several large fundraisers throughout the year, including the annual golf outing and Women’s Night Out.. These events not only raise funds for the foundation, they also spread awareness about the organization's mission.

With the money raised each year, Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation is able to purchase needed equipment for the medical center, provide scholarships for healthcare students, and organize community events.

Annual Reports:

Approved Equipment Purchases for 2016 - $36,115

Two NuStep T4r Recumbent Cross Trainer - $8,226

These exercise bikes will be purchased for Mile Bluff's Rehabilitation Services and Health Promotion departments. The cross trainer is safe and low impact, and mimics weight bearing activities.

Blanket warmer - $6,540

This piece of equipment will be used in the Acute Care Department and will replace a much smaller unit. The warm blankets provide comfort to patients in the inpatient setting. The new warmer will make more blankets available to patients.

200 Childbirth Education Binders and Booklets - $6,000

Funded by proceeds from Women's Night Out, these binders and education booklets will be used by the Childbirth Education Department. The booklets contain links to educational videos and serve as a reference guide for expecting families.

Adjust-A-Sink System - $4,755

This adjustable beautician sink will be used in the beauty salon at Fair View Nursing Home. The adjustable height will allow for the residents to remain in their wheelchairs while washing their hair.

Reach Out and Read Books - $2,500

All of Mile Bluff's clinics participate in the Reach Out and Read Program. This initiative provides a new book to every child ages 6 months to 5 years of age when they come in for their well-child exams. The funds will be used to purchase books at a reduced rate through the Reach Out and Read Program.

Electric lift massage table - $2,100

This table will be used in Mile Bluff's Massage Therapy Department and can be adjusted electronically while the massage client is on the table. It will be more comfortable for patients and for the massage therapists.

10 "Visioncare" communication boards with accessories - $1,654

These communication boards will be used in the Surgery Department. For each surgical patient, the OR staff will write the names of those on the surgical team, pain management plans, transportation plans, and much more.

MedaSonics First Beat Fetal Doppler System - $1,417

This piece of equipment will be used at Delton Family Medical Center for maternity care. Starting at 10 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal monitor is used to listen to the baby's heartbeat.

60" Smart TV and wall mount system - $1,250

This TV will replace a small, old TV that is currently used in the lobby of Fair View Nursing Home. It will be used for resident entertainment and engagement.

Dell Latitude Laptop - $1,073

This computer will be used by the registered dietitian nutritionists in Mile Bluff's Food and Nutrition Department when they are on-call.

When new patients or residents are admitted over the weekend, dietitians will now be able to prescribe a dietary plan that aids in the recovery process. Dietitians will be able to securely access patient/resident information off-site to prescribe the best plan for the patient.

Breast Self-Examination Model - $600

Medical Imaging will use this education model to promote the importance of self-breast exams. The model will be available in the department for patient education and at community events like Women's Night Out.