Our History
Mile Bluff Medical Center
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Our History

Over 100 years ago, Dr. J.S. Hess, Sr., the man who started the Mile Bluff organization, opened the doors to Mauston Hospital.  The downtown store building and residence that he purchased and had remodeled, served the community for eleven years.  In 1923, the original Hess Memorial Hospital was built, admitting all types of patients and expanding the services available.  In 1963, the need arose for a new hospital, as well as beds for the aging population was obvious.  A building was constructed and added to the existing hospital, and the older portion of the complex was turned into a nursing home.

By 1977, the need for a new hospital and long-term care facility was apparent.  After a successful fundraising drive entitled "Project 80," a new hospital and nursing home were built at the current location on Highway 58. In 1981, a group of physicians built a new clinic (Mile Bluff Clinic) adjacent to the hospital.

In April, 1996, a 54,000 square foot addition was built onto the hospital.  The new space doubled the size of the laboratory, relocated and created several more examination rooms in the Emergency Department, and also allowed for an Urgent Care Department to be added.  The Rehabilitation Department also had new space with plenty of room for equipment and the ability to serve more patients.

In August, 2001, an addition to Mile Bluff's surgery wing was completed.  This new space allowed Mile Bluff to treat more patients and to expand the types of surgical services available locally.

Other expansion projects, include the construction of:
    -Mile Bluff - Elroy Family Medical Center, 1991
    -Terrace Heights Retirement Community, 1992
    -Mile Bluff - Necedah Family Medical Center, 1995
    -Mile Bluff - Crest View Nursing Home and Great Lakes CBRF, 2002
    -Mile Bluff - Delton Family Medical Center, 2004
    -Mile Bluff - New Lisbon Family Medical Center, 2004 (originally established in the 1970s)

In keeping with its mission, Mile Bluff Medical Center, Inc., joined forces with Mile Bluff Clinic, LLP.  As of January 1, 2013, the two organizations integrated.  Prior to 2013, the clinics in Mauston and New Lisbon were owned by a group of Mile Bluff physicians.  The clinics are now owned and operated as part of the non-profit organization, Mile Bluff Medical Center. 

Over the last 100 years, the name of the organization and the buildings it has called home have changed, and the services that it provides have evolved; however, one thing has remained the same... Mile Bluff Medical Center is committed to serving patients with healthcare excellence yesterday, today and always.